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Mother’s Bright Children  My name is Christopher J. Willett, I was born April 5th 1960 and am the son of Dr. J. Emmanuel Willett PH.D. and Dorthy Sue Willett.  I have four sisters and no brothers. I have three children; two sons and a daughter.  I have six grand-daughters.  And I am the author of Mother’s Bright Children The novel’s genre is science fiction / fantasy.  It follows the lives of the original six families of humanity, from conception 1.2 million years ago to the here and now.  The novel developed from a story I had concocted back in 2001 in the Tolkien genre about modern day Valinor.  For obvious reasons I couldn’t write that so I packed up my favorite characters and took them on a journey into my own universe.  At this website you will be able to follow my novel as I write it, check out the music that inspires me, look at some of my art, read my theories on religion, hear me opine on politics and yawn at my daily blog.  At some point I will add a feed-back section but that is not a priority for me. I thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the novel.                                                                                 Christopher J. Willett